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Hi, I'm DrZaius aka TheZaius.  I like MUGEN and Minecraft.  I like them both so much that I decided to create my own wix page here so I can host my... creations or edits or whatever.

I'm sure you know what Minecraft is but what about MUGEN?

Read what Wikipedia has to say about MUGEN!

In short, it's a program that lets you make your own fighting game.


9-22-21: SURPRISE NEW MINECRAFT MAP! It's An Amazing Journey: Ender Space, a mini-map. There's only one maze and no resource pack. It's short and sweet. I created it for a Map Jam hosted by another Minecraft map creator named DeuxiemeCarlin. The theme was "empty space" and I had a week to get it done. I actually learned something new for this map so check it out! Note: Still only for 1.15.2. I refuse to update my Minecraft until they fix this bug.

4-22-21: This is just a minor update. I've added a tip button for anyone who wants to, well... send me a tip. If you've enjoyed my Minecraft adventure maps, or even my MUGEN edits, and feel like a reward would be appropriate, consider clicking on the Tip button above, which will direct you to my Paypal account. If you don't have the money, that's okay. I accept nice words as currency. Just send me a message on Twitter or through one of the other sites listed under Links.

1-22-21: An Amazing Journey 3: Endergame has been updated!

In short, I fixed an issue with the triathlon puzzle and fixed some other issues involving some loose minecarts. Everything should be good to go now.

1-20-21: Woops! Forgot to update this part of the site yesterday. An Amazing Journey 3 has finally been released! You can find the links in the Minecraft Maps tab.

11-24-20: New website! is disappearing next March so I wanted to prepare a replacement site already. Wix seems pretty cool so here we are! I liked the aesthetic of my site on so I figured I'd try to replicate it as best as I could.
Also, still working on An Amazing Journey 3. I hope to have it out by year's end. news archive:

9-20-20: Still working on An Amazing Journey 3! It's almost done!

1-27-20: Had to update An Amazing Journey: Adventure Edition due to a chunk being completely bugged out in the final maze. I can't believe I didn't notice it earlier. Also made a few other minor changes, like replacing a missing block, removing some unnecessary barrier blocks, and editing some command blocks. Remember, An Amazing Journey 1 and 2 are both ONLY for Minecraft 1.12.2.
ALSO, still working on An Amazing Journey 3. I hope to have it finished in a few months but... there's really a lot going on with this map.


6-10-18: Made a bunch of changes to An Amazing Journey 2: Redstone Boogaloo. Emeralds are now hidden behind blocks of wool (for the most part), fixed the spread of vines, changed some blocks and scripting for aesthetic purposes, updated scripting to work with Minecraft 1.12.2, edited certain books, added barrier blocks to prevent cheaty access to some chests, and made some modifications to the final bonus maze.


5-22-18: Made a bunch of changes to An Amazing Journey: Adventure Edition. Changed command block scripts for aesthetic purposes, adjusted speed of falling anvils, added some boats and minecarts, placed some barrier blocks to prevent cheaty access to some chests, fixed the spread of vines, removed visible particle effects of spawned arrows, and edited the ??? 6 book.


1-1-18: Happy New Year! Just a small update to An Amazing Journey: Adventure Edition in the Minecraft section. Please make sure you use this latest version.


12-25-17: Merry Christmas! I have updated my webs page again to fix a broken link for one of my MUGEN edits and to include a page for my Minecraft creations! Go! Download and enjoy!


7-11-15: An update! Five years later! Holy craaaaap! Anyway, check out the Edits section for an update to the Vampire Burns English soundpack.


7-7-10:  To celebrate the release of MUGEN 1.0 RC8, a new edit for the old, default motif for MUGEN 1.0 is now up for download.


6-28-10:  Atomicbuster's creations have moved to his very own site.


6-27-10:  Street Fighter 2 Guy has been updated to version 1.3.


6-15-10:  Street Fighter 2 Guy has been updated to version 1.2.  He's watching you...


               Street Fighter 2 Guy has been updated to version 1.2.  He's got his eyes on



               Eye can't believe this latest update to Street Fighter 2 Guy!


5-20-10:  Street Fighter 2 Guy has been updated to version 1.1.


5-16-10:  Atomicbuster released version 1.0 of his latest creation, Street Fighter 2 Guy.  His sprites are based on his appearance in the arcade version of Final Fight so he's extra wide!  Download him now in the Hosted section.


3-27-10:  New edit patch!  It's for Cybaster's Crowded Downtown stage from Street Fighter IV.  You can find it under Edits.


1-5-10:  Happy New Year and all that.  Anyway, along with MUGEN stuff, this site is now hosting MIDI sequences by atomicbuster.  Check out the new section in atomicbuster's Hosted page.


12-15-09:  An updated Neo Geegus finally found a home on an official website so I will not be hosting the edited character anymore.  The patch is still up but it's outdated.  Do not use this patch on the latest update.  An update to the patch will be released at some point to work with the new Neo Geegus.


12-13-09:  Everyone's favorite bodybuilding, shape shifting, political pundit (Neo Geegus) is now being hosted by yours truly.  The edited version, at least.  You can find him in the Edits section, along with just the patch if you only want that.


12-12-09:  Wow, almost a whole year since the last update.  Well, today I have released somewhat of a fix patch for Hiram Yagami's Neo Geegus.  You can find it in the Edits section.


1-23-09:  I added a new tab: Edits.  The edit I added today is for the MUGEN PLUS Default Plus motif.  It has over 1700 character slots!  You can also find my Vampire Burns English soundpack in there now.  Also, atomicbuster's pages were updated.  You can now download the beta of his SF2 Haggar.


1-20-09:  This site now hosts atomicbuster's creations.  Download Final Fight's Guy and Final Fight 3's Black today!