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English Soundpack for Warner's Vampire Burns


This is an SND for Warner's Vampire Burns. Also included are m_burns.cmd and m_burns.cns. I don't recommend using the CMD file for the latest version of this character. Just use the SND and CNS files. Note: This SND is strictly for Warner's version of the character.

MUGEN 1.0 Default Motif Patch


This is a patch for the default DEFAULT motif that comes with MUGEN 1.0.  Not the new one we've all associated with 1.0 by now but the ooold default motif.  It's pretty much an edit of my MUGEN PLUS Default Plus motif patch.  This one can hold 1800 characters if some changes are made here and there but as it is now, it only holds 1704 characters.  Because of how 1.0 works, you don't need to find any fonts for this patch.  Please read the Read Me file. Note: This file does work in 1.1.

Alternative Patch for Cybaster's Crowded Downtown


When I originally played this stage, there were black bars on the top and bottom and there wasn't a lot of space to move around.  In this patch, I have increased everything by about 50% and removed the black bars.  This stage is for MUGEN 1.0 so... get with the program.

Note:  This is just the def file.  Download Cybaster's stage first.

MUGEN PLUS Default Plus Motif Patch



Now with 1750 character slots! Works with MUGEN PLUS (the one that allows both hi-res and lo-res stages).  Look for your own hi-res fonts, though.

Note:  PLEASE read the Read Me first!